Bedroom Transformation

April 25, 2019

Follow along as we transform this bedroom into a sweet little guest room.  We found so many hidden gems hiding amongst all the stuff that we were able to reuse.  All we spent money on were plantation shutters we found at @HabitatforHumanity and sheets/duvet at @homegoods and of course lots of white paint.  This was by far one of my favorite projects and the homeowner was so happy to heave ho and donate lots and lots of goodies.

Here are some before pics. Notice the folding flowered divider in the corner and the bureau that was hidden in the closet.  We also ventured down to the basement and after the big heave ho down there, we found some fun pieces to use as well.  I believe in using what you have and not spending money if you don’t have to.

First we go through the closet and everything in the room to decide what gets thrown out and what gets donated.  Bag it all up and put it out in the car!


Take down sheers or drapes to wash and iron if you can reuse them.  Wash down the window sills, baseboards and doors to prep for painting.  We painted everything flat white and semi gloss bright white on all the trim and doors, windows and baseboards after priming them.  Getting rid of the dark brown was my favorite part of this transformation even though it took 3 coats to cover it all.


The paneled room divider looks adorable as a headboard in this little room. Bright white windows with the pale blue sheers look awesome with the Habitat For Humanity shutters. For anyone that knows how expensive they are to buy you should know that the homeowner bought 8 of them for $80 and has them all over her house.  We found a little bureau hiding in the closet and we found the adorable mirror and lamp in the basement.

The Before

The After

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