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Revamping Our Space + Working From Home

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Jess Lizama
Revamping Our Space + Working From Home

Hi, I’m Jess! Mom adventures, wife life, and fitness finds will all be here. I’ll be your dessert enabler and fellow skincare addict. We’ll eat the good stuff and push through the rough stuff.

Joe and I both work from home and we live in a two bedroom apartment with Corriney and our two puppers. That means there’s not much room for us to escape one another or to hide out between editing meltdowns, which I have on occasion a lot because we each don’t have our own offices. We knew we wanted a fresh start but we didn’t want to start over because we plan on moving within a year. That meant not investing too much on new furniture or creating big projects. Enter Anita Devlin!

Anita is founder of We Heave Ho, a business where she focuses on rejuvenating your space and clearing your clutter, without sacrificing your life savings … or your grandmother’s china that you’ve been holding onto (hi!). She came in with a no fuss attitude and we were ready to throw out all the things creating chaos. It was a match made in heaven! She did our entire home UNDER budget … that’s 5 spaces all revamped and all for under $1,000! Our living room, Joe’s office, my set, my vanity, our bathroom, and our closet, here goes!

THE BEFORE – our entry way, living room aka Joe’s office/ theatre


So now you walk into our living room and don’t immediately see Joe sitting at his ginormous desk in the middle of our living room. Instead, you look over to see a beautiful cabinet and lots of pretty plants, and not Joe’s office which is so cleverly hidden behind it all. The cabinet holds all of his filming equipment and his desk drawers hide all the things that used to take up space on and around his desk.

Our living room is now a real living room (mismatched couches and all, we’ll replace the L couch later shhh don’t tell Joe) where we can sit and entertain or I can sit and work on my couch ‘set’. I was spending so much money renting out other people’s spaces to work out of and now I can feel creative in my own. For now, Anita helped me juje up the L couch to better match my theme.

She also completely redesigned our living room so that our offices work around our living spaces and not the other way around. I’ve never seen Joe so happy to organize his desk 😀

This nook by our front door makes me so happy, something about the wooden modern bench next to brushed gold metal and pops of black and white … Anita and I decided these are our colors and you’ll see them throughout our entire home.

My vanity in my bedroom was a big change for me! Anita had a running theme going throughout this entire revamp process, 1) open up the space and make room for living with the focus on creating work space around your living space and not living space around  your work space 2) use what you already have to redesign instead of refurnish and 3) don’t get rid of anything you don’t want to, just get rid of ‘things’ that don’t serve you… like the 27 outfits I haven’t reached for in over a year! I was most scared for her to re-do my closet… that’s another article post on its own.



So she shifted the location of my vanity and it opened up the room like she said it would and gave my area more access to sunlight. My mom’s gold china that she gifted to me yearssss ago now sits near my vanity and I get to look at it and think of my momma every time I’m getting dolled up. So perfect for this piece.

Our dresser got some lovin’ too with some added plants, some shelving, and cute storage to tuck away all of my skincare products that didn’t make it onto my vanity. Behind our bedroom door that once hung my shoes now hold all of my toiletries and knick knacks that were piled high. Heave Ho pro tip: shoe organizers with clear pockets are perfect for this kind of storage. You can see how we used that in the third photo of the carousel.

My favorite part, besides the fact that Joe now has a space that we don’t have to live around… these two babes. They’re called the Female Support System and they’re here to give our keys a lil ‘lift’ 😉

Also, that nook by our front door … SWOON! I sit there sometimes and take off my shoes and just look around for a bit, it’s all a work in progress just like we all are. Deep, I know. It’s raining here in L.A. so. And honestly I could design and re-design over and over again, forever. So I’m going to be content with this until we move on to another home and call Anita back over <3

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