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How to Create a Home Office That Supports Your Productivity When You’re Tight on Space

Alice Robertson
How to Create a Home Office That Supports Your Productivity When You’re Tight on Space

At We Heave Ho, we know that it’s truly a godsend, being able to work from home. You can do away with arduous commutes, so you not only get to spend more of your time doing actual work, but you also have the flexibility to spend it with your family or to pursue other meaningful activities. Not only that, but you save a pretty penny, too, because you no longer have to travel or eat out as often. Plus, as a bonus, you potentially reduce your carbon footprint.

Of course, it comes with its challenges, too. Not the least of which is staying focused. After all, the home is not designed to be a workspace, so it will undoubtedly come with many distractions that could affect your productivity. This, however, can be easily circumvented when you claim a dedicated space, no matter how small, so you can thrive. Here’s how.

Start with a plan.

Unless you have a literal room to spare (or even a large enough free space), you will likely find that your biggest obstacle in creating a home office is finding the space for it. However, you’ll find that it is within the realm of possibility to cram a home office into a small home. You just need to have the right state of mind and some imagination.

Still, it’s more than wise to start with some good old-fashioned planning. Doing so will surely help you recognize the potential in whatever available space you might have available, as well as maximize it for the purpose. So start by determining and designing the home office layout that works best for your purpose. 

Furnish your space.

Now, you might think that furnishing a home office when you have such a small space to work with will be quite a challenge. However, you might be surprised to know that with the right ideas, it’s more than just possible—it can be downright gorgeous and functional.

The key is to opt for the right-sized home office furniture. For one, you’ll need a desk that works for small spaces as you need to maximize every available inch. And while you most certainly can find options in retail, it might be best to explore other options, too, such as repurposing a vintage table or even going the DIY route, which may even be more budget-friendly.

For another, you’ll need a chair, as well. Not just any chair, for that matter, but one that is ergonomically comfortable enough for long hours at work. But again, even if space is tight, you can find small office chairs that will save you space without sacrificing support, function, and even your budget. It’s really just a matter of looking!

Settle in.

Finally, don’t lose sight of the fact that the key to making your home office one that fully supports your focus and creativity is how you set it up for success. This essentially means that you’ll want to minimize distractions in the form of noise, clutter, and the like that could take you out of the “zone” and interfere with your work. It’s a good idea, therefore, to really set it up for productivity by stocking it with supplies and decor that allow for organization and inspiration.

Equally as important is your comfort, you won’t be able to work steadily through the day with interruptions or uncomfortable situations. Sharing space with family members might mean noise and other distractions, so if you need to spread out or find a space that just works better for you, consider an HDMI transmitter. This type of device promotes flexibility without rewiring your home. As you research, consider things like the number of devices that can connect to a single transmitter, ease of installation, cost, speed and power.

Ultimately, while creating a home office for yourself, no matter how small, is not the be-all and end-all of successfully working from home, it can potentially improve your focus and productivity by leaps and bounds. So let your ideas take wing and fly. And don’t hesitate to connect with We Heave Ho for help with your project - you deserve it! 


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